World Autism Awareness: we made a little film to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, which was on April 2nd 2023. We filmed this on a day when we were collaborating with our friends from Pier One inclusive music group with whom we are making an all-singing, all-dancing music video. Coming soon!

Bomb Disposal Banter: another of our “cinema etiquette” films and this time we are going after people who talk during the movie…!

2022 Reel: A collection of all our 2022 filming activity.

Taekwondo: The third of our “cinema etiquette” films. Our members trained hard for this one!

2022 Announcement film: the first filming exercise we did with the original 6 members.

Oscars: the fourth of our “cinema etiquette” films and the most glamorous!

Slurpy: our first “cinema etiquette” film to be screened at Lewes Depot

Running with trains: the short film which inspired the A-listers club and winner of the Best Emerging Talent Award at Oska Bright Film Festival 2021.

Surgeon: the second “cinema etiquette” film to make it onto the big screen.

Elves: a Christmas “cinema etiquette” special, which Lewes Depot ran before all its Christmas movies